KOOB The Viking Game is produced of durable hardwood, made to last many fun hours of play.

  • 2 to 12 players; ideal for BBQs, picnics, and camping
  • Great fun for adults and kids 5 years and up
  • Ideal for family get togethers, BBQs, kids birthday bashes, camping trips, beach trips or staff parties
  • Made of FSC certified birch hardwood
  • Produced in Canada
  • Eco-friendly and chemical free
  • Includes a strong carrying bag for easy handling and storage








The aim of the game is to conquer the King! The team which
can knock over all the KOOBs (soldiers) on the opponent’s
side of the field and then knocks over the King wins.



KOOB can be played with 2 to 12 players of 5 years or
older. The players are first evenly divided into two teams,
Team A and Team B. Distribute the experienced players
between the two teams.
Next, set up the field as shown in Diagram A. Make sure to
mark the playing field with the corner posts. Then put the
King in the center of the middle line. Finally put 5 KOOBs at
regular intervals on each team’s baseline.






KOOB can be played on any level grass, sand, snow or even
cement area. The official size of the field is 16 x 26 feet but
you can make it bigger or smaller depending on how much
space you have and how hard you want to make the game.
The field is marked by the corner posts as shown below. The
lines at either end of the field are called the “Baselines”. The
imaginary line in the middle of the field is called the
“Middle Line”.




To decide which team starts, one person from each team
throws a stick as close to the King as possible without
hitting it. The team that gets the closest to the King without
touching is Team A and they go first. The six throwing
sticks are then distributed amongst Team A.
Each player on Team A position themselves behind their
baseline and take turns trying to knock over the KOOBs on
Team B’s baseline. After all six sticks have been thrown it is
Team B’s turn. Team B picks up the throwing sticks and uses
them to knock over Team A’s KOOBs. The teams keep
alternating until one team has knocked over all of their
opponent’s KOOBs. Once they have done this, they can
attempt to knock over the King.
The team which knocks over the King first wins the game!
If somebody knocks over the King without first knocking
over all of their opponent’s KOOBs, their team looses the
game instantly.



Always play safe! In order to make sure no Vikings are
injured, you need to follow these simple rules:
· Never enter the playing field when it is the opponent’s turn.
· Never pick up a throwing stick from the ground until
all of them have been thrown by the opposing team.
· Only vertical underhand throws are allowed. You cannot
throw overhand or in a sideways motion.






Once you’ve mastered the basic rules and want a new
challenge, try this variation of the rules.
Once Team A has thrown all of its sticks, Team B takes its
turn. Standing behind its own baseline, Team B throws any
KOOBs that team A knocked over onto team A’s half of the
playing field. If Team B throws a KOOB outside of Team A’s
half of the playing field then Team A can place the KOOB
wherever they want on its own half provided it is at least
one throwing stick’s distance away from the King. Once all
the fallen KOOBs have been thrown onto Team A’s half, they
are placed upright wherever they landed. These KOOBs are
known as ‘Field KOOBs’. Team B now has more KOOBs to
knock over’.



When throwing the fallen KOOBs, try to hit other Field
KOOBs. Each KOOB that hits a Field KOOB is stacked on top
of it to make a tower. This makes it easier to knock over
more than one KOOB with a single throw. This rule does
not apply if you hit a baseline KOOB with a fallen KOOB.
Team B now takes its turn to throw the sticks. The players
can choose either to knock over the Field KOOBs or the
KOOBs on the baseline. Once Team B has thrown all its
sticks, Team A takes its turn to throw any fallen KOOBs into
Team B’s half and then tries to knock them over.
Play continues in this way until one team manages to knock
over all of the opposition’s KOOBs. They must then knock
over the King to win the game.





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