KOOB (aka kubb and The Viking Game) is a fun lawn game for the whole family. The game is new to North America but the game originates from Scandinavia. Legend has it the Vikings used to play it with sticks and firewood gathered through their many worldly voyages.

The game is great fun for both children and adults, making the game ideal for family get togethers, BBQs, kids birthday bashes, camping trips, beach trips or staff parties. Aside from healthy exercise, the game develops the children’s motor development.

KOOB can be played with 2 to 12 players of 5 years or older.

The game can be played in open areas indoors or in its natural outdoor habitats such as grass, sand or even snow making it a year round good time. It gets the kids outside in the fresh air with the family or their friends and encourages friendly competition among colleagues or neighbours.

The size of the game is ideal for families and informal play. Note this is not a tournament size game.




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